About Paige

Paige Stevensen is the founder of The Intuitive Advisor, a bridge between the everyday life and the Divine directive provided by intuitive higher awareness. Her business propels people’s lives to gain the clarity in creating purposely-aligned choices unique to their soul’s calling.

About Paige StevensenPaige has worked with people over the past 10 years providing intuitive readings using a diverse set of tools that include numerology, neurolinguistic programming, feng shui, card readings and angelic guidance. Her most recent certification in Hands on Healing® expands her ability to tap into the multi-dimensional sources affecting the health and lifestyle people struggle with.

Guiding people to embrace their innate truth within heals the wounds that have been just out of reach. Paige feels called to help people discover this initially with her guidance, then teach how to do this for themselves. In a supportive learning environment Paige’s newest programs such as The Illuminated Practitioner Program will provide a guided path of awareness to individual inner truth creating Divine well being.

After a long successful career in the Alberta oil industry, Paige came up against her own dark night of the soul which challenged her to review the experience of her life from a totally Divine point of view. It was at this point she realized the angelic and spiritual support available was a gift for all of us to access and learn in guiding our lives forward. She now brings this through her work in multiple ways.

You’ll love the transformations you’ll experience in Paige’s Intuitive Advisor Readings, Workshops, and Coaching Programs to help you quickly break through into higher levels of happiness and personal success!

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