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See real clients that have given real testimonials of the results they have produced through The Intuitive Advisor.

Lois G.

After attending a weekend workshop by Paige Stevensen I feel much more in tune with my intuition and have recalled and taken back my Power in Life. Paige’s office and demeanor are both well put together and eloquent. I felt very welcome and comfortable in a safe and fun environment. With a whirlwind of information I am ready and able to take on what Life I CHOOSE. The best of everything I wish for you Paige, my new friend.

Stephen B.

I wanted to provide a note of thanks and appreciation! I attended Paige Stevensen’s weekend seminar and I was extremely pleased with the results I received. Not only was it informative but the comfortable and calm space along with Paige’s great guidance, I feel much more connected with my intuitive side and learned new tools to keep growing and using that side of me in all parts of my life! On top of that I was able to identify and deal with a part of me I was not aware was an issue. Great work Paige, you have a wonderful environment and a great way to teach us. I look forward to future workshops!


There was something about Paige that I was immediately drawn to but couldn’t put my finger on it. Soon after – I learnt she was an energy healer – then the light bulb went on. This is what I was drawn to. She has an energy that is amazing! She has a passion for helping people. She is an amazing woman and healer. She is a good listener and then calls her ‘team’ into to assist her in her work. She has helped me during a very tough time with family relations. I was at a very low point in my life – the lowest I can re-call. I didn’t feel like living any longer. However, with Paige and her work – she has helped me to think differently – like I need to look after myself before I can help anyone else and our adult children have their own lives and we as parents are there for support. During this very stressful time – I encountered a lot of back pain and Paige worked on this part of my body during a session and within an hour or so – I was relieved of the back pain. Another day after work – I had so much back pain – I was literally crying and called Paige. She came to my rescue and within the hour my back pain was gone again.
Most recently – I asked Paige to say a prayer for me – as I had misplaced my passport and was ‘freaking’ out. Very calmly – she told me to breathe and asked if I thought the passport was within our home. We asked Archangel Michel for help/guidance. Within minutes with the help of Archangel Michel – showed me the way to the Dining Room and under a stack of papers was my passport. I started to cry. Tears of happiness and thankfulness.
Paige is totally within her God given gifts of working with her ‘team’ and listening for messages to help/assist people who are having difficulty sorting through all of the ‘stuff’.
Paige is a very loving, caring, giving, thoughtful and AMAZING person and healer!!! I highly recommend if you have any ‘issues’ health and/or otherwise – please call or text Paige at 778-908-5515 for an appointment for help. You will be impressed!!!
Sincerely with love and gratitude,
– S.D.

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