Why would I hire the Intuitive Advisor to grant me access to my own “inner wisdom”? Can’t I get answers on my own about my life?

The Intuitive Advisor was founded by Paige Stevensen after her own life came to a crossroads. She began to learn and then develop an in-depth understanding of the immense value that intuition, spiritual counsel, and angelic guidance plays in realms beyond our physical lives. While Paige believes each person has the ability to tap into their own “inner wisdom”, guided by these other worldly forms, few individuals have fully developed the ability to really access this information initially without constant practice and learning to trust the information and experiences they are having. That is why Paige initially provides readings along with programs to further develop and help people set a strong foundation in their own abilities.

Aren’t the issues of connecting with inner wisdom really about just making decisions about your life to give you a more predictable outcome?

In a way this is true, however, many people are not in the flow of their lives as it stands. So, they are stagnating which makes taking action often difficult let alone what direction to take that will bring them the happiness, love or success they are seeking. With the Intuitive Advisor by your side you can confidently feel that the clarity Paige provides will help you to take the next, best step. An outcome is the end result of a series of steps that only an individual can decide is best for themselves. The Intuitive Advisor process provides insights, awareness, higher realm communications, and a guided observation. An openness to learn more about spiritual factors that may have influence over your physical life is only valid if you decide it to be.

What guarantee can the Intuitive Advisor make as to the accuracy of the information provided? What if the information shared is not a fit for my life or if I take action on the information and the situation is not what Paige said?

As the old saying goes there are no guarantees in life other than death and taxes. With that being said, when dealing with higher realms of awareness, Paige uses a variety of tools she has been trained in to access the most accurate information provided about you, your life or situation. As with all things in life, we do not attain the things we desire by sitting back without personal ownership, action and responsibility of our own involvement. The Intuitive Advisor cannot replace common sense or provide the numbers for the upcoming lottery but can grant you access to trusting what is best for you at this time in your life. What is true is that without action in our lives or burying our heads in the sand over things we don’t want to look at, things have a way of getting worse. With Paige’s assistance you will learn a more effortless and confident way to approach topics in your life with a more aligned path that will give you greater awareness.

What kind of topics can Paige work with? I feel like everything in my life needs to be overhauled and I am not sure that I can tackle or afford to make a ton of big changes.

When we are living from our heads, not from our souls, our lives can feel chaotic. Initially when you connect with Paige, you will be able to be guided as to what process or program would best suit the situations you are experiencing. Information from your session will surface to help guide you to the next steps. There is an understanding that you are able to trust and know that you have control over all aspects of your life. If addictive behaviors are present and ruling your life, Paige will refer you to specialists to support proper and appropriate care. Paige is not a licensed health practitioner, therapist or financial advisor, nor does she assume to advise on such matters.

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