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The Intuitive Advisor angel healings, sessions, workshops

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Do you remember the dreams you held for yourself before life happened?
As children our worlds were open to possibilities, yet as years went on, many of us were conditioned or convinced the world operated on completely different terms. Often not to our benefit. So, as good people we followed suit, did what was expected, and maybe even experienced many successes.
However, if you are reading this right now then it’s by no coincidence that something is off in your life.
Deep down inside you know something different exists for you but are unclear what that is or how to access it.

It’s time to stop running from your heart and soul. Find the profound meaning of your life with Paige Stevensen, the Intuitive Advisor.
Delivering a Divine message and advice on how to move forward with guided insights, you will be helped to uncover your own intuitive abilities along the way.

Overcome the fog of indecision by learning to trust yourself.
Uncover what is being hidden or not addressed in your life.
Learn how patterns are manifesting in your life.
Gain clarity about the root information directing you to move into your own awareness.

get your power back with Paige Stevensen, angel healing sessions

Stop resisting that inkling deep inside that is telling you there is another way. If you are fearful of what that may be then it’s time to evoke the guidance and wisdom you possess. It’s time to Trust Yourself.

You can not get to the place you want to be until you learn to trust every part of yourself.

Illuminate those things that are in the dark, often creating stagnation in your life, by stepping into the awareness that has been hidden within you for so long. Discern these issues with the help of the Intuitive Advisor through intuitive readings, one-to-one intuitive mentoring sessions, or workshops and programs teaching how to develop your very own intuitive skills to direct your life course.

I wanted to provide a note of thanks and appreciation! I attended Paige Stevensen’s weekend seminar and I was extremely pleased with the results I received. Not only was it informative but the comfortable and calm space along with Paige’s great guidance, I feel much more connected with my intuitive side and learned new tools to keep growing and using that side of me in all parts of my life! On top of that I was able to identify and deal with a part of me I was not aware was an issue. Great work Paige, you have a wonderful environment and a great way to teach us. I look forward to future workshops!

Stephen B

After attending a weekend workshop by Paige Stevensen I feel much more in tune with my intuition and have recalled and taken back my Power in Life. Paige’s office and demeanor are both well put together and eloquent. I felt very welcome and comfortable in a safe and fun environment. With a whirlwind of information I am ready and able to take on what Life I CHOOSE. The best of everything I wish for you Paige, my new friend.

Lois G, Abbotsford, BC

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