The Intuitive Advisor

Paige Stevensen is the founder of The Intuitive Advisor.

She has over 20 years of experience in the high-pressure business world, and is now following her soul and serving community by offering intuitive support and guidance for many. She specializes in serving those who seek a holistic and effective solution to releasing their depression.

Is now the time to finally get your life back?

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Call: +1 (778) 908-5515

Meet Paige

Paige Stevensen is the founder of The Intuitive Advisor, building a bridge between everyday life and the Divine directive available for seekers of all faiths and spiritual paths. Informed by a lifelong yet initially hidden and suppressed gift of intuitive higher awareness, Paige’s strong business sense and stronger intuition provides wise guidance for people’s lives, dreams, and desires. She supports her clients in gaining clarity to make on-purpose, aligned choices unique to their soul’s inner calling.

Paige Stevensen’s TOP 7 Values

  • Honesty: I am open & honest about absolutely everything; I am transparent and here to help you, with an authentic passion for the truth on all levels.
  • Service: I promise to deliver the BEST, most valuable, most up-to-date information I possibly can. Take advantage of any webinars, videos, free reports, etc. that I offer.
  • Commitment: I want you to succeed; that’s why I only share systems and strategies that actually work.
  • Follow Through: If I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it.
  • Caring & Compassion: I genuinely care about each and every one of my clients.
  • Passion: I am passionate about what I teach. It is my soul’s purpose to help you transform your life.
  • Integrity: I will never push you to do/buy anything – I am only here to serve you.



From Fatigue to Focus, Burnout to Brilliance, and Depression to Drive


At my two-day, in-depth skill training, I share simple, easy-to-practice tools that support your desire to move your mind into a different, more positive space.

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