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Paige's Story

After a long, successful, and dismally unfulfilling career in the Alberta oil industry, facing financial ruin after a divorce and losing her well-paying job, with two children to raise on her own, she felt tremendous pressure to get things done right. However, there was no one around in her circle of influence with good leadership skills. She felt lost and afraid and shut down.

This dire situation challenged her to review her life experience from a totally divine point of view. With little to guide her but her renewed connection with her innate spiritual awareness, she discovered the presence of abundant angelic and spiritual support. By integrating that awareness, she realized what a gift it is for all who struggle, and dedicated herself to teach others to access and learn from the Divine Presence within.

In guiding her clients’ lives forward, Paige shines the light on this empowering perspective through many pathways and modalities, centered on angelic guidance and living in the perfection of each moment of NOW.

About Paige

Over the past 15 years, Paige has provided intuitive healings and spiritual guidance using a diverse set of tools. Her work as a Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP), and the extraordinary Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing® (AEH) modalities that engage with the angelic realm. These tools expanded her ability to tap into and gently shift the multidimensional influences on health and lifestyle challenges so many struggle with. Overwhelm, Depression, Anxiety, Languishing, and loss of direction. All are symptoms of an imbalance that is easily addressed once the root cause of this imbalance is understood.

Paige’s mission is to teach people effective holistic tools, available to those who seeks a better way, especially to assist with releasing the symptoms of overwhelm. Paige feels called to support clients in discovering relevant information to help them find a pathway to greater joy and fulfillment. As she has found, this approach frequently clears emotional blocks and heals lifelong wounds, a feeling of freedom that may have seemed completely out of reach.

Paige understands how, when undergoing an emotional episode, there may be lack of interest in activity or engagement, severely lowered energy, or experiencing unfamiliar overwhelm.

The worst part of this situation is how hopeless and disengaged sufferers feel. Yet jobs must be performed, bills must be paid, families and other relationships tended to.

Paige also offers first-hand experience in how to best manage caregiving for a person coping with overwhelm.  Anyone in that situation is just looking for a better approach: how to say the right words to your loved one, and how to bring an end to the dreaded ‘you don’t understand me’ look.

Paige gently teaches her clients a simple-to-implement, holistic approach that will restore your faith, and a return to the years of joy and happiness we all deserve.


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